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Tool Presetters
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  1. เครื่องจักร, อุปกรณ์เกี่ยวกับเครื่องจักร, เครื่องมือกล
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  1. KELCH
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  1. สินค้า, ผลิตภัณฑ์
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Tool Presetters BT30 BT40 BT50 HSKA50 HSKA63

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Tool Presetters

It's all a question of setting!


High-performance, precise tool setting is essential when the highest degree of manufacturing precision and maximum efficiency of production
resources are required.

We are convinced that you will find the most appropriate solution within our extensive range of KENOVA set line tool presetters. Tailored to every use
and every budget.

KELCH can offer you the widest range of vertical tool presetters. The portfolio ranges from the simplest entry-level models through to machines with several CNC axes.

Are you looking for special applications?
KELCH has them all.

After all, it is precisely special solutions for out of the ordinary measuring tasks that differentiate a supplier of expertise.

For example, our patented module monitoring system MoDeTec automatically monitors whether the insert module fitted is the correct one for the adapter chosen in the control. It is now impossible to use an incorrect insert module! And as reference values are immediately available, there is instant assignment to adapters, machines and tools.

BASIC line


Reliability pays off.

KENOVA set line V123


KENOVA set line V123

The handy desktop device for quick and easy measuring.

The KENOVA set line V123 is the flexible tool presetter with a host of benefits. The unit is perfect for quick tool presetting directly at the machine or in the workshop. It is also an ideal additional unit for a central setting room.

The V123-device is the correct choice for determining quick and reliable measurements.

The KENOVA set line V123 is synonymous with testing, checking, measurement, adjustment and re-adjustment.

KENOVA set line V224


KENOVA set line V224

The handy tabletop unit with intelligent and intuitive software.

The KENOVA set line V224 represents the evolution from entry-level models to the BASIC line. Compact and unimposing, it can undertake a range of measuring tasks and also includes a CMOS camera and a printer interface.

This unit is the perfect system to introduce you to non-contact tool measurement. The 5.7-inch touch screen guides operators intuitively through the measuring tasks, ensuring they quickly achieve the measuring result required. The fine adjustment for both axes enables operators to position the tool in the camera image securely and precisely. A wide range of different adaptor sleeves means that most tool holders can be set in the spindle.

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