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Tool Presetters
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Kelch GmbH
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Tool Presetters

It's all a question of setting!


High-performance, precise tool setting is essential when the highest degree of manufacturing precision and maximum efficiency of production
resources are required.

We are convinced that you will find the most appropriate solution within our extensive range of KENOVA set line tool presetters. Tailored to every use
and every budget.

KELCH can offer you the widest range of vertical tool presetters. The portfolio ranges from the simplest entry-level models through to machines with several CNC axes.

Are you looking for special applications?
KELCH has them all.

After all, it is precisely special solutions for out of the ordinary measuring tasks that differentiate a supplier of expertise.

For example, our patented module monitoring system MoDeTec automatically monitors whether the insert module fitted is the correct one for the adapter chosen in the control. It is now impossible to use an incorrect insert module! And as reference values are immediately available, there is instant assignment to adapters, machines and tools.





KENOVA set line V123

The handy desktop device for quick and easy measuring.

The KENOVA set line V123 is the flexible tool presetter with a host of benefits. The unit is perfect for quick tool presetting directly at the machine or in the workshop. It is also an ideal additional unit for a central setting room.

The V123-device is the correct choice for determining quick and reliable measurements.

The KENOVA set line V123 is synonymous with testing, checking, measurement, adjustment and re-adjustment.

Technical Data
  • KELCH_KENOVA_set_line_V123


KENOVA set line V224

The handy tabletop unit with intelligent and intuitive software.

The KENOVA set line V224 represents the evolution from entry-level models to the BASIC line. Compact and unimposing, it can undertake a range of measuring tasks and also includes a CMOS camera and a printer interface.

This unit is the perfect system to introduce you to non-contact tool measurement. The 5.7-inch touch screen guides operators intuitively through the measuring tasks, ensuring they quickly achieve the measuring result required. The fine adjustment for both axes enables operators to position the tool in the camera image securely and precisely. A wide range of different adaptor sleeves means that most tool holders can be set in the spindle.

Technincal Data
  • KELCH_KENOVA_set_line_V224_Detail1-2017



Reliability pays off.







KENOVA set line V5xx

The new compact tool presetter for maximum precision 
in the smallest of spaces.

KENOVA set line V5

The new KENOVA set line V5 range is ideal for modular expansion and, at the same time, the tool presetter takes up very little space. Both the main body as well as the tower are made of tried-and-tested grey cast iron. The hand wheels are easy to reach and simple to operate when space is tight. They provide for comfortable fine adjustment across the entire measuring range.

The KENOVA set line V5 range has easy, pneumatic one-hand operation, which can be controlled as required on one axis or on both axes. By mechanically clamping the tools, the high-precision spindle guarantees maximum repeatability. The machine's versatility is reflected by the different spindle inserts, which are available in SK, HSK, Capto and VDI designs. With its optional CNC spindle, the unit provides for automatic focusing of the tooling edge. Automatic checking of the radial and axial run-out is also possible at the press of a button.

The new user-friendly kOne Business software delivers maximum operating convenience and guides users intuitively to the right result.

KENOVA set line V3xx

KENOVA set line V345 / V466

With the Industrial line of tool presetters, Kelch offers the perfect solution to meet the growing demands of the industry. high quality coupled with the option of digital networking in the factory.

  • A stable unit made from torsion-resistant steel profiles and two linear guides with linear ball bearing form the basis of both axes.
  • Rigid, highly-precise design of the X and Z axes.
  • The endless fine adjustment on both axes enables a micrometer-finesetting of the axes.
  • The pneumatic one-hand operation enables both axes to be quickly adjusted, individually or together if desired.
  • highest level of measurement precision through precise brand-name glass scales in both axes.
 Measuring rangeMeasuring range lengthMeasuring system
V345P 400 mm 500 mm Projector
V345C 400 mm 500 mm Camera
V466 600 mm 600 mm Camera

KENOVA set line V345 P

Equipped with a high-contrast profile projector for optical cutting edge scanning.

KENOVA set line V345 P

  • 110 mm focus screen diameter, 20× magnification and 15° incline
  • Precise, problem-free measuring
  • 100 % workshop-compatible
  • Resistant to dirt and other external influences
  • Flexible, rotatable template to check angles and radii

Measuring values are evaluated using KELCH Micro digital measurement electronics.


Digital display.

KELCH Micro Digital LCD display.


Optical high-quality, high-conprojector for transmitted light. 20× magnification.




KENOVA set line V9xx




KENOVA set line V9xx-S




KENOVA set line H6xx




KENOVA set line H7xx


Reliability pays off.

KENOVA set line V9xx

The revolution in tool presetting.

Ease of use coupled with maximum precision. The KENOVA set line V9xx range is modern, ergonomically designed and unique in its structure. With its mineral cast base, cast in one piece from the guideway to the floor, KELCH is setting new benchmarks in the design of tool presetters. This construction promises a durable and consistent mechanical KELCH quality.

Product features of mineral cast:


  • Environmentally-friendly manufacture due 
    using cold casting
  • Sustainable recycling is possible, 
    e.g. for road building
  • Vibration-damping
  • Less sensitive to temperature fluctuations 
    thanks to thermal inertia
  • Precise measuring owing to robust structure
Technical Data



One-hand operation


The selective quick adjustment of the axes has always been the standard at KELCH. The slide clamp can be released quickly and easily and the cutting edge comes into focus.



Control panel


Ergonomically designed, fully functioning touch screen interface, with axis control at several speeds and spindle functions 
(e.g. clamping/releasing).

KENOVA set line V9xx

The integrated CNC-measuring station fulfilling the most exacting demands placed on measuring tasks and measuring results.

Unique performance features:

  • Solid measuring device on a single block mineral cast base; also available as a seated or accessible workstation
  • CNC-control in up to 4 axes, also manually operable for quick measuring, even without reference data
  • Automatic axis process by powerful servo motors for high-precision positioning of the axes
  • Flexible installation of space-optimised peripheral equipment with height-adjustable monitor plate for a user-friendly working environment
  • Compact storage of all accessories, such as monitor, keyboard, printer and adaptor, makes work easier
  • The computer and electronics are tidily accommodated and easy to access in the spacious switch cabinet
  • Workshop-compatible and durable with an industry PC for measurement control
  • Individually adaptable to all measuring tasks and data flows
  • Drawer for storage of tools and other ancillary materials


KENOVA set line V9xx-S

KENOVA set line V9xx-S


Precise shrinking and setting in one unit.

Shrink grip and shrink release, measurement and presetting – the KENOVA set line V9xx-S offers all this and more. A tool presetter combined with an inductive shrink fit device:

Technical Data

Dynamics and flexibility in one.

Side unit

Compact design with various storage options.

Worktop of side unit

Cooling sockets and inserts with tools and setting pins ergonomically arranged.


Shrink fit equipment

Shrink coil in action


Tool identification



RoWi2 - Table-top taper cleaner for tool holders. A neat job.

Clean tapered tool holders are essential to be able to manufacture precisely with 
the corresponding tools.

Even minimal residue dirt may lead to scrap here. Our RoWi device helps to achieve maximum fitting accuracy due to residue-free cleaning. Furthermore, it protects the spindle and the machine.


KELCH thus provides you with everything you need for 
– literally – frictionless procedures.

Clean tool holders ensure precision at the cut surface:

  • Reduce waste
  • Increase the tool life
  • Protect the machine spindle
  • Ensures high precision and process reliability
  • Maintains the run-out accuracy of the tooling system
  • wechselbarer_reinigungsaufsatz_700x525


    Exchangeable cleaning module
  • druckknopf_700x525


    Time switch
  • handgriffe_700x525


    Formed hand grip for safe handling


  • Modular cleaning device for cleaning various tool holder tapers
  • Robust housing with integrated time switch, to avoid continuous operation of the device
  • Ergonomic design for safe and easy operation
  • Resistant to rust and cooling lubricants
  • Fast, gentle and reliable cleaning of extremely dirty or 
    resinified tool holders

Drive unit

  • Item no.: 260.500 (EU-version), 260.501 (US-version)
  • Motor: Alternating current motor with approx. 65 rpmn/min
  • Power connection: 1 ~ 100 - 240V, 45 - 65Hz
  • Power output: max. 0,12 kW
  • Taper sizes: All standard taper sizes in 
    HSK, PSC and SK are available.

Cleaning module

Item No.Taper size *1
260.502 SK 40 DIN *2
260.504 SK 50 DIN, JIS-B, ANSI CAT
260.513 HSK 63 Form A, C, E
260.515 HSK 100 Form A, C, E
260.523 PSC 63

*1 More taper sizes available on request. *2 Conversion kit to MASBT.







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