ACV-1604 series

  • High speed
  • High tech
  • High accurate

Auto Optical Inspection machine

Accuvision’s 4th high speed generation glass platform optical auto inspection machine can sort sizes of M0.6-M3 fasteners, screws, insert nuts, and CNC products, targeting on high speed and high accuracy.

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Nut inspection machine O-ring inspection machine Snap button inspection machine

ACV-1605 series

  • High speed
  • High accurate


Auto parts and larger fastener sorting machine

ACV – 1605 series were announced in 2009 by Accuvision’s R&D team, which are designed with metal platform for automotive fasteners,which specialized in inspecting the larger fastener (M3-M16, within L150mm) and automotive parts.

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ACV-1606 series

  • High speed
  • High accurate


Eddy Current and optical inspection machine

ACV-1606 Eddy Current and auto optical inspection machine

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General Fastener

3C electronic fastener

Automotive parts

Medical related products



CNC Lathe

Special Parts

Construction fastener

Precise screw

Main menu display

Optical inspection application introduction

Fasteners inspection

Semiconductor parts, nuts, lathe parts and copper stud fasteners inspection explanation

Screw type fasteners inspection criteria